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Postgres queries

For now, you can monitor only one database on one postgresql server

PostgreSQL - Update, Delete, Insert graph:

Bijk - PostgreSQL settings

1) Login to the PostgreSQL console (`su postgres -`, `psql`) and run this command (replace “{password}” with some secure password):

CREATE USER bijk WITH PASSWORD '{password}';

2) Edit the following file:


Add this line before the line starting with “local all all” (replace “{monitored_db_name}” with the name of your monitored database):

local {monitored_db_name} bijk md5

3) Reload PostgreSQL

/etc/init.d/postgresql-[version] reload

4) Add/change the node under 'postgresql' in the file /etc/bijk/plugins.yml with following access information ('default' is an instance name):

        db: {monitored_db_name}
        user: bijk
        pass: {password}

5) Restart the Bijk-node deamon:

/etc/init.d/bijk-node restart

6) You can test your access with this command (you will be prompted for a password, after which you should be in the psql console):

psql -WU bijk {monitored_db_name}

7) Login to your account, click on Servers, Edit Plugins and add Queries - PG sensor.

8) Your graphs from mySQL will be online in Bijk within 30 minutes of changing these settings.

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