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Postgres queries

For now you can monitor only one database on one postgresql server

Steps for monitoring PGSQL in Bijk:

1. Log-in to pgsql console (`su postgres -`, `psql`) and run this command:

CREATE USER bijk WITH PASSWORD '{password}';

2. To file


add this line before line starting with “local all all” and replace 'monitoring_db_name' with your monitoring DB name.

local {monitoring_db_name} bijk md5

3. Reload posgresql

/etc/init.d/postgresql-[verze] reload

4. To file


add this lines with access information:

PG_DB = {monitoring_db_name}
PG_USER = bijk
PG_PASS = {password}

5. Restart Bijk deamon:

/etc/init.d/bijk-node restart

6. You can test access with this command:

psql -WU bijk {monitoring_db_name}
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