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plugins.db is the file which contains plugin defintions. The format of this file is as follows:

name group period class1,class2,...,classN

Where name is the name of the plugin, group is used to split plugins into individual processes (plugins within the same group will run in the same process), period specifies how often the plugin's measure() method will be called, and class1,class2,…,classN is a list of acceptable classes for this plugin. The first class whose constructor returns the object (= doesn't die or doesn't return undef) will be used.


disk        1 10  Bijk::Plugin::Disk
filesystem  1 300 Bijk::Plugin::Filesystem
netstat     1 15  Bijk::Plugin::NetstatIproute,Bijk::Plugin::Netstat

Plugin definitions are loaded into hash with plugin name as a key and the rest as array reference values.

This file is searched for in the following locations:


Resulting hashes are merged. Each file can override keys from previous files.

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