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Nginx graphs - configuration is ready to monitor the Nginx webserver on your servers.

After setting to read-only access in your Nginx, you will get this graph:

The Nginx requests/sec and Nginx connections/sec graph:

Nginx process status graph:

Bijk - Nginx settings

1) Open the file with your default nginx virtualhost

In the “server” section, add the following:

location /nginx-status {
        stub_status on;
        access_log off;
        deny all;

2) Restart Nginx

/etc/init.d/nginx restart

3) Edit the file /etc/bijk/plugins.yml, and add/change the following node ('other' and 'default' are instance names):

    default: http://YOUR_IP:YOUR_PORT/nginx-status

4) Restart the Bijk-node daemon

/etc/init.d/bijk-node restart

Assuming that Nginx is listening on the standard http port 80 and on localhost (

If it's listening on another port, please add the port number in the Bijk configuration and restart the Bijk daemon.

If it's not listening on, please change this IP to the primary IP of your server in Nginx, and also the Bijk configuration, and then restart the daemons.

You can check your changes here:




5) Login to your account, click on Servers, Edit Plugins and add NginxStatus sensor.

6) Your graphs from mySQL will be online in Bijk within 30 minutes of changing these settings.

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