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Following commands must be executed by root.

Installation with layman

  1. Install layman.
        #USE="git" emerge app-portage/layman
  2. Configure your layman properly with layman manual page layman manual.

Custom installation

  1. Install git.
        #emerge dev-vcs/git app-portage/eix
  2. Clone our repository from server to your favorite local directory.
        #cd /usr/local/
        #git clone 
  3. Then add your new repository to make.conf.
        #vim /etc/make.conf
  4. Create or edit PORTDIR_OVERLAY.
        #add the line below to the end of your file but if you have in make.conf something like this: source /var/lib/layman/make.conf then put the PORTDIR_OVERLAY just obove that.
  5. Then we need to set right owner.
        #chown -R portage:portage /usr/local/overlay-bijk
  6. Now we need to sync our portage overlay trees.
        #eix-sync overlay-bijk
  7. Now we need to add new category.
        #echo perl-gcpan >> /etc/portage/categories
  8. At last we can install bijk-node.
        #emerge bijk-node
  9. Now just run your bijk-node.
        #/etc/init.d/bijk-node start
  10. For adding your server to you'll also need a client hash.
        #cat /etc/bijk/client_hash
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