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Filesystem plugin - configuration


Allows you to add multiple options to df command which is used in File system plugin.
Implemented on bijk-node from version: 201105131241


You will have to open your plugins.yml config file, add one line and restart bijk-node.

  1. Open your plugins.yml config file.
    # vim /etc/bijk/plugins.yml
  2. Add one line to filesystem line.
           df_args: <options>  #add this line
        #  sensors:  #this and lines below could be in you config file, or could be uncommented, it really doesn't matter
        #    exclude:
        #    - ^[^-]*-/lib
        #    - ^[^-]*-/dev
  3. Instead of <options> use your favorite option, for more information about df options take a look here: df manual page
  4. For multiple options just use space between them.
  5. Do NOT use TAB , just space.
  6. Restart your bijk-node.
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