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API - Graphs


You can get list of your graphs and generate graph image with many parameters.

List Of Graphs

Here you can see the example of GET request that return list of all graphs, that are available for specific server

You recieve these parameters about every graph:

  • gid - graph ID
  • title - title of graph

Generate graph

You can generate graph as an image. With GET request on this url

GET request must contains these parameters:

  • sid - server ID
  • gid - graph ID
  • key - your API key

You can add these optional parameters:

  • epoch - graph time range in seconds (start is defined from endTime - epoch), default 86400
  • endTime - end of time range as unix timestamp, default 0 - actual time
  • width - width of graph in pixels, default 600
  • height - height of graph in pixels, default 300
  • limit - with this parameter you can set maximum value on Y axe, default 0 - no limit
  • cache - cache graph for better performance (possible values: 0,1), default 1
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