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API - Alerts

With Alert API you can get actual states of your setup alerts.


  • Here you can see example of GET request that get information about your all servers. (Replace “your_api_key” with your API key)
  • You can get alerts from only one server with parametr sid, or get only error states with parametr onlyErrors. For example:

Data format

Data are in JSON format. You recieve this parameters about every server:

  • group_name - name of plugin
  • ds_name - name of sensor
  • sid - server ID
  • hostname - server label
  • state - state of alert, if state = 0: everything is OK and current value is between v_ min and v_ max
  • brief - current value of sensor with short text description
  • v_min - state is ok when current value is bigger than v_min
  • v_max - state is ok when current value is smaller than v_max
  • output - some sensors has text description
  • cur_value_data - current value
  • ratio - true|false, if ratio is true values are in percentages
  • ts_start - start of alert, if state is 0, ts_start is NULL
  • last_check - unix timestamp of check alerted value
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